When you are a long way away you need a professional multi lingual management team qualified in, and experienced at property management in Playa Blanca.


The Elite Villa Management team are experienced in all areas of property management from bookings, guest management, accounts, IT to name a few.


The Elite Villa Management administration team is multi lingual and above all experienced and ready to help!



We are in Spain! Despite that an alarming number of people  choose management companies who either speak basic or no Spanish at all!


If you had a lovely little holiday cottage in Devon you would be foolish to employ someone who speaks basic or no English to look after it. Fluent Spanish is not a nicety in property management in Spain, it is a fundamental necessity.


We can handle any translation you need. From simply translating bills or letters from the local council to actually dealing with 3rd parties on your behalf.


If you need an interpreter, we can provide one.


Our multi lingual staff can represent you at a local level in any capacity.




We can provide a full accounting service. We provide you with full professional itemised monthly accounts. We can also send you accountants copies should you require this for your tax returns.


If you would like us to handle your returns locally then we can arrange that for you too!


As a registered SL company all of our costs are fully writable against your gross profit and as such represent a reduction in your tax liability.


Even if your villa is only for family and friends it is important to have good clear accounts and we of course have a full time accounts manager who can talk to you should you have any queries.


Utility Bills

We love living here, there  is something magical about our island.  Nothing is ever perfect however and one of the constant issues are the utility companies.


If you fail to make a payment, or if more likely they forget to take one, a few months later you just get cut off!


You can have your utility bills sent directly to our office so that we can check that all the payments are OK and if necessary make payments on your behalf.


We have excellent relationships with all of the local utility companies and suppliers and in 99 out of a hundred cases we can prevent services from being lost.




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